After The Meadow, Before The Forest (2013)
After The Meadow, Before The Forest is a work for two dancers, two vocalists and live electronics that explores the synergistic relationship between highly controlled, landscaped environments and random, open indeterminate spaces. It engages the generative tensions between unison and counterpoint, structure and improvisation, and interdependence and independence as they relate to sound and movement. 

It's a collaboration with composers Taylor Ho Bynum and Carl Testa, vocalists Anne Rhodes and Jean Carla Rodea and dancer Pamela Newell. The work brings together my long term artistic commitment to working with musicians in unconventional ways, my obsession with minimalist choreographic form and structure and my ongoing practice of interdisciplinary improvisation as it relates to sound and movement.

"That’s what I love about working with people outside my form...the language is a little bit different. Ideas about structure and composition are a little bit different. It really expands my ideas of what those things are.”(Phil Lutz, The New York Times).

Performers: Rachel Bernsen & Pamela Newell (dance), Anne Rhodes & Jean Carla Rodea (voice), and Carl Testa (electronics). Video from The Austrian Cultural Forum's Moving Sounds Festival Sept 22, 2013 - Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY. Videography: Abraham Gomez-Delgado

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