Review of Trillium J:
"I fail to describe my feelings having never experienced anything like this before. Perhaps one could compare Trillium J to Richard Foreman’s plays in the way it captures the absurd, the unexpectedness and ambiguity of the contemporary world. Weave in the voices of 12 vocalists and the sounds of 12 instrumental soloists with full orchestra, excellent acting, pseudo-philosophical digressions, visual projections, young skipping-rope Jazzy Jumpers and two of New York’s best contemporary dance improvisers Rachel Bernsen and Melanie Maar, and you get the mix."
(Erlena Dlu, Avant Music News)
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Hear a podcast of a panel discussion about improvisation in the performing arts and in everyday life on the WNPR's Where We Live, Feb 8, 2012. Panelists: trumpeter Stephen Haynes, Rachel Bernsen, actor and scholar Kate Sidley, and executive chef Julie Carrion.

The New Haven Independent profiled the December 2011 Take Your Time Series

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Check out the SoundRat review of Waver from the Hartford New Music Festival on Feb 18, and read the footnotes that very articulately describe my process of working with musicians.

"I have been inspired by the do-it-yourself presenters who often double up in their roles– Brian Rogers, Ben Pryor, Sara Coffey, Ron Berry, Rachel Bernsen. I tend to see the programmers of tomorrow moving forward, putting things together based on their interests, their relationships, the spaces that they have available to them."
-Cathy Edwards, Coast to Coast Curator, Culturebot

Take Your Time series profiled in the New York Times, Oct, 2010

Feature in the New Haven Arts Paper July/Aug 2010

“I've always been intrigued by Rachel's ability to make even the most simple things completely fascinating. She is an amazing performer and a compelling person on and off stage.”
-Michael Helland
Curator of Brink at Dixon Place

“There was one moment in a piece…the last piece of the night where Rachel Bernsen was unraveling a roll of black duct tape and sort of constructing the unraveled duct tape into a sculpture, while also creating this sparse soundscape, and moving in this incredibly precise but also very violent manner. It was just astonishing and I can’t imagine being able to capture that other than in that moment.”
-Jeff Larson
Co-Curator 2008 Movement Research Spring Festival, Somewhere out There.
From the curator daily podcast
Movement Research Festival 08

“Indeed the most successful work was Rachel Bernsen’s modestly titled experiment in progress, in which, without props or even music, the choreographer, wearing a simple white dress…performed an intelligent and charming short dance”
-Robert Ayers for ArtInfo

photo by Peter Gannushkin